SUICOKE × Vibram Five Fingers

SUICOKE × Vibram Five Fingers


A video for the “SUICOKE × Vibram Five Fingers,” a model in which SUICOKE collaborated with Vibram, a world-renowned Italian sole manufacturer. We ran a 3D scan of the product and placed the lights on the 3D space.

Our video aims to illustrate the unique details of the product, namely the textures of different materials such as rubber and hemp coexisting, as well as the unevenness of Vibram's "MEGAGRIP" on the base of the product.

「SUICOKE」とイタリアの世界的ソールメーカー「Vibram」のコラボレーションアイテム「SUICOKE × Vibram Five Fingers」のPVを作成しました。 製品の3Dスキャンを行い、3D空間上に照明を配置。