Atomic Scape

Atomic Scape

The Secret Experience

General Producer and Space Director of "The Secret Experience," a collaborative event between street artist Futura and heated tobacco GLO. The event was held in September 2019, at the JING venue in Harajuku.

Futura came to prominence in the 1980's with the likes of Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring, whose work has had a profound impact on the art, fashion and music culture. We expressed his symbolic graphic "Atom" in a three-dimensional work and also used LED screens on the floor and walls to bring Futura's artwork into a digital format, creating an immersive space and experience.

グラフィックアーティストのフューチュラと加熱式タバコgloによるコラボレーションイベント「The Secret Experience」の総合プロデュースと空間演出を担当。開催は2019年9月。会場は原宿の商業施設ジング。